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Midland Stone is a leading supplier of natural stone products with a long established and trusted reputation within the stone industry for reliability, expertise and exceptional customer service.

For over twenty years, we have been supplying all types of sustainable natural stone to home owners, builders, gardeners, landscapers, architects & masons in Ireland and the UK.

We constantly upgrade and improve our diverse range of natural, durable and superior garden stones including terrazzo stone aggregates, garden pebbles, stone chippings, paving stones, patio slabs, garden furniture, water features, dry pebble dash, wet dash and grave pebble stones!

Natural stone, pebbles and chippings used for outdoor patio or indoor decoration

We provide a diverse range of superior quality stone products and custom solutions for discerning homeowners and landscapers seeking to enhance, decorate or transform outdoor living spaces, gardens, buildings or graves that can last a lifetime.


Terrazzo Floor

Terrazzo Floor

For a touch of Venetian elegance and style that is unsurpassed, Terrazzo Flooring is the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. If you are looking for the wow factor, this type of flooring is the way to go.

Paving Slabs

Paving Slabs

We carry one of the finest selections of natural stone garden pebbles in Ireland, with a variety of chippings, cobbles, and aggregates to perfectly suit your garden plans and appeal to your sense of style.

Building Stone

Building Stone

We provide a range of building stone for exterior facades, fireplaces, garden walls, building garden structures as well as interior building projects and renovations. We supply limestone, quartz and other stone varieties in a range of natural colours.

Garden Pebbles & Chippings

Garden Pebbles & Chippings

We carry one of the finest selections of natural stone garden pebbles in Ireland, with a variety of chippings, cobbles and aggregates to perfectly suit your garden plans and appeal to your sense of style.

Decorative Stone

Decorative Stone

We have an extensive range of decorative glass products suitable to interior design projects, arts and craft enthusiasts and garden designs. From glass pebbles, beads and chippings in a range of colours and textures, you can ignite your imagination and develop your creative side.

Stones for Graves

Stones for Graves

We provide sustainable and eco-friendly pebble stones, cobbles and glass chippings in a variety of colours and textures suitable for your loved one’s grave. Our grave stones are highly durable and resistant to the effects of weather, making them the perfect choice.

Garden Stone Furniture

Garden Stone Furniture

We have a superior range of granite furniture sets and water features made from the finest of stone that will truly enhance your outdoor living space, providing comfort and style that will last a lifetime.

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