Finding the right headstone can be an arduous task at a stressful time for you and your family, but putting together a beautiful memorial site can help with the grieving process.

We have put together some practical advice that will help to remove the hassle and stress involved in the decision-making process. We have paired a selection of pebbles and chippings we know from experience will best complement different types of headstones.


Black Granite Headstone

The black glass pebbles, black polished cobbles, mixed polished cobbles are the most favoured pebbles with the black granite.  The polished surface of these pebbles works very well with the polished surface of the black granite. However many still opt for BMB or BMA (which picks up on the gold writing on the headstone) and the traditional silver grey chippings (available in 3 sizes).

Black Granite Matching Stones


Blue Lagoon Granite Headstone

The plum slate, durite and red polished cobbles pick up the lovely red vein often seen in the blue lagoon granite.  The mixed polished cobbles, silver grey chippings and white porcelain pebbles are also popular with this granite.  Our new Ice Blue Chipping has also been beautifully matched to this granite.

Blue Lagoon Headstone matching stones


Pandora Headstone

The Pandora headstone pairs well with any of the durite aggregate, red polished cobbles, sugar pink glass pebbles or decorative amber glass beads. The terracotta tones in the granite are best enhanced with any of these pebbles.

Pandora Headstone matched stones


Grey Granite Headstone 

The light grey granite headstone is most often matched with the silver grey chippings.  The natural Scottish cobbles provide a lovely neutral, grey tone to compliment this granite. However, many select a stone that will provide a contrast and therefore choose a blanket covering of white porcelain pebbles or black glass pebbles or indeed a combination of both.

Grey Granite Headstone Pairing Stones


Paradiso Headstone

The durite aggregate, red polished cobbles, coral pink chippings and sugar pink glass pebbles pick up the lovely terracotta tones in the Paradiso headstone. However many opt for a more traditional stone chipping and select dolomite aggregate, Scottish red chippings or indeed a combination of both which would also compliment the terracotta hue in the granite.

Paradiso Headstone matching stones



The Rustenberg has a lovely black fleck running through it and this is often picked up with the black glass pebbles, black polished cobbles or the mixed polished cobbles. Although many seek the brighter tone in the Moldovan white or the brilliant white of the Portuguese quartz.

Rustenberg Headstone


Children’s Grave Decor

Many parents who have experienced the terrible loss of a child generally go for a variation of the grave shown below. Many of the children’s graves are often paired with the traditional pink chippings and purple pebbles for the girls and blue glass pebbles for the boys. Some often use combinations of the glass pebbles or beads to represent the colours of the child’s favoured team.


Childs Headstone


If you and your family have experienced a loss and require a custom-made headstone then please contact us for a consultation or a quote so we can help you pay respect to your loved ones. Alternatively, you can visit our store to see what other natural stone and glass pebbles we have to offer to best suit your requirements.

We also have a guide on how much chippings you need to fill a grave.

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