Spring is finally here (at long last!) and now is just the right time to start planning your garden designs or garden upkeep to be ready for the summer. One of the best ways to bring your garden to life and support the new growth of plants in your garden is to introduce garden stones. They offer versatility, practicality and natural protection to any garden, big or small.

Garden stones come in a variety of options from brick walls to pebbles, to paving stones or slate chippings that will add texture, design and function to your garden project. At Midland Stone, we have a wide range of stones to choose from, from the smallest aggregates to large paving slabs that offer colour, patterns and beauty to garden designs.

With so many garden stone options available, your biggest challenge will be deciding on which stones work best for your garden. So, we have a quick roundup of garden stone suitable for all gardens along with the many benefits of including a variety of stones in your garden designs.

Several Benefits that Garden Stones Offer

There are several benefits that can be achieved by using natural garden stones in your garden design.  Below, you will find just a few reasons why they are versatile, protective and very practical in all garden designs.


Decoration & Style: The options are endless for your next garden redesign. You can incorporate a new cobble pathway, a brick ledge or flowerbed, coloured chippings, pebbles or slate materials to add a little decoration to your garden. Simply put, garden stones are a must have for any garden project.


Weed Control: Garden stones act as a natural deterrent to weeds and weed growth. They can be used instead of or in conjunction with weed killer to prevent weeds appearing in your garden. The best garden stones to employ would be slate chips as they help keep unwanted weeds under the soil as well as aiding the retention of moisture in the ground.


Improving Garden Soil: Garden stones and good soil health go hand in hand. Typically, the soil underneath large stones is generally full of life and growth. As mentioned above, there is a lot of moisture stored underneath rocks which promotes soil growth as well as stopping the growth of weeds. Adding in some stone would significantly improve soil health in the garden.


Drainage: As well as providing moisture, garden stones can also be used to drain excess water from your garden. Decorative garden stones, in particular, are a great solution for drainage as they help to reduce the risk of damaging your foundations or the rest of the garden from excess water. Chippings, gravel and stone aggregates are great solutions for drainage that can minimise the risk of damage to foundations and garden designs.


Practicality: Having stone in your garden can also be a practical method in maintaining a clean garden as well as a clean house. Garden stones can be placed in the soil to provide a walkway through the garden. During rainy weather, it can also help to make sure that you do not track any wet mud or dirt into your house.


Plant Care and Protection: Ensuring that your garden is well cared for and protected is something that is always on the mind of garden enthusiasts as well as garden designers and landscapers. The best way to achieve this would be the careful and precise everyday care of your garden. However, introducing garden stones can also help with plant care and protection. Placing large rocks or boulders in your garden allows for plants to grow on the sides naturally to protect themselves from the elements as well as to retrieve the moisture that is separated underneath the stone during dry weather. Large rocks and boulders also provide your entire garden with moisture naturally without making a mess.



Types of Garden Stone

With many types of natural stone available, here are some of our top picks when it comes to maintaining and creating your perfect garden for the summer.

Sandstone: Sandstone paving is durable and easy to install. Sandstone is also guaranteed to last a lifetime. Midland Stone offers a range of sandstone paving slabs such as the Raj Green that brings natural hues with a mix of green, grey and terracotta, Camel Dust has lovely browns and reds combinations and the stunning Modak Sandstone Paving Slabs which offer a combination of reds and light terracotta hues to paving. Sandstone is also a very cost-effective paving stone that can really add colour to your garden

Limestone: Limestone has many different functions within gardens. It can be used for dry dashing or for adding some decoration to your garden. From our Blue Limestone Stick on Wall stone to our Egyptian Limestone paving slabs, we have a range of colours and options for a durable and weatherproof garden stone.

Quartz: A popular stone, quartz crystals are renowned for their positive energy and healing effects. Midland Stone have beautiful pink quartz chippings and white Portuguese quartz that can add an extra calming zen to your garden designs. Perfect for offering a beautiful garden display either as a backdrop or by appearing centre stage amongst other stone products.

Granite: Often considered the natural choice for kitchen countertops, Granite is a superb choice for garden designs due its durability and suitability in high traffic areas. We have hardwearing light grey granite paving stones that are finished with a hammered finish to make them perfect for walking on. This incredibly hard surface will resist chipping and scratching and will last a lifetime in your garden. Granite also requires little maintenance so is the perfect choice for those who want a paving stone or garden stones that requires no work at all.

If you are up for something different this summer, consider a crazy paving patio.

Garden Stone Products for You to Consider:

There is a long list of garden stone products for you to choose from for your next garden design project. They include:

Stone Chippings: Chippings have a multitude of purposes in a garden or driveway. They can be used for decoration or for the protection of soil against weeds and other pests.

Bricks: Midland Stone have a superior collection of stick-on bricks for those who require an easy and quick installation and alternative to brick blocks. They also look stunning.

Pebbles: A versatile, flexible choice that comes in a range of colours that can infuse any garden design and offer a contrast in a garden when used alongside grass.

Pebbles, a versatile and flexible choice available in various colors, are perfect for infusing any garden design with vibrancy. Incorporating glass pebble decoration ideas can further enhance this effect, offering a striking contrast when used alongside grass, and seamlessly fitting into the landscape.

Slate: Apart from acting as a deterrent to weeds, slate also gives you a great paving material which also provides a good foothold. With a variety of different slates available at Midland Stone such as the Plum Slate, which can offer both protection from weeds and infuse lovely colour into your garden plans.

Cobbles: The perfect stone for a beautiful and seamless path or patio. Cobbles can also be used to provide some decoration in your garden as well with their beautiful smooth and polished finish.


Midland Stone Have The Garden Stone You Need

If you are thinking about getting your garden into shape for the summer, look no further than Midland Stone for superior quality and durable options that will last long after the summer months.

Check out our Stone Shop to find some inspiration. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by visiting our Contact Us Page



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