Winter is a great time to plan and carry out not only patio works but all hard landscaping jobs. When we talk about hard landscaping we mean any building and construction works such as patios, pathways, drives, and walls.

  • Planning

Designing out your space in on a simple A4 piece of paper is the best place to start, taking into account the shape and size of the area you wish to create. The size will depend on how you intend to use it. If you have an existing table set, the size of the area will need to accommodate that plus some space for freedom of movement around. The shape is the next thing to consider. This may be square, circular, rectangular, or triangular depending on where the patio is located.

  • Materials

Choosing the right paving stone can be difficult, we can advise you on which stone to go with to accent your garden or home. Our paving stone catalogue includes sandstone, granite, quartz, and slate paving stones in a range of sizes and colours to suit your space.

  • Pattern

Once you have your size, shape, and materials chosen, you then need to consider how you will lay the stone.

Crazy paving is also one of the options. Check out our guide on how to lay crazy paving as well.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your paving is recommended every 6 months. Be cautious using a power washer on your paving as this can damage the stone and also lift the joints. A good brush with plain lukewarm water and non-acidic soap will clean your paving. We recommend using a sealant as it is suited to the extremes of weather. We have a range of cleaners for various patio stains including algae, oil and general wear and tear.