Our large collection of glass beads is becoming increasingly popular amongst the arts and crafts community.  Choose from black, pink, shades of blue, yellow, orange as well as different finishes – porcelain, glass, translucent or even an iridised finish.

Each glass bead is 17-19mm in diameter with a flat bottom and a raised rounded surface.

So here’s a gathering of what customers are doing with the glass beads:

Mirror dressing….Refurb an old mirror by decorating it with glass beads or buy a curved tray, place an old mirror in the centre and dress the sides of the tray with glass beads.  Check out ….


Make your own mosaic piece.  Join the growing community of mosaic makers.  Our flat backed glass beads are ideal for using in mosaics.  Using a firm surface, strong glue and some beads from our extensive range you could create a unique piece at your leisure.

Create a lamp.  Join a class and make your own lamp.  The shell of the lamp is created using a metal dome and the dome decorated with glass beads.  The flat back adheres perfectly to the dome structure.  When fitted with a bulb the light filtering through the glass beads creates a stunning piece.

Use in a tiling project…take an area around the bath or sink and place the glass beads in mortar before it sets.

Decorate a candle holder.  Stick the flat back to a glass candle holder.  When lit the candle light will filter through the colour beads to create a magical effect. Check out  http://bit.ly/2HjpPVU

Fill a flower vase with one of our many coloured glass beads.  Maybe you’d like to pick up on the accent colour in your living room using one of our coloured beads from our large range.

Many of our regular customers use the glass beads to make jewellery pieces.  Why not take a local class and begin to customise your own look?

At Midland Stone we have a huge range of glass beads.  We cater for all requirements and will sell all weights from small sample bags to large 25kg bags.

Check out our range at http://bit.ly/2j12xdv

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