Crazy paving, otherwise known as flagstone paving or random paving, is a method of laying paving stones in a haphazard manner which can be frequently seen in outdoor areas and traditional gardens, particularly patios.

The method of laying paving stones in this way involves using different styles and different, random sizes of paving stones to form an attractive unconventional pattern. Crazy paving originated in Ancient Rome and with the finished ‘crazed’ appearance, the name speaks for itself.

Crazy paving is a great choice if you are looking for something different that involves natural stone. This type of paving can be done in any size or shape, and it allows for creativity to shine through. The natural stone used to make crazy paving comes in many shapes and sizes.

Crazy paving stones makes them perfect for placement around trees, bushes, garden beds or flowerbeds. This unique type of paving is perfect for adding interest and texture.

When installed correctly, crazy paving can last for years without requiring any additional upkeep.

How to Lay Crazy Paving?

Given the casual and haphazard look of crazing paving, as you can imagine it can be a difficult to lay particularly starting off.

This method of paving is most commonly laid on a bedding layer of sand, providing space between the joints for the possibility of plants to grown or for them to be filled with other sediments such as glass pebbles or chippings.

An important point to remember is that when it comes to trying to fit the paving stones together, it’s beneficial to have stones of different sizes so that smaller ones can fit in small gaps etc.

The method of laying the paving stones is like that of a jigsaw, trying to fit each piece together and make it looks as collective as possible, but without ruining the beauty of crazy paving.

Another point to note is that it’s important to try and keep the gaps between the stones (we recommend a few centimetres) consistent right the way through to ensure an overall look, instead of having some big gaps and other small ones, it could start to look a bit all over the place.

The most effective method is to first lay the bigger stones that cover the most space, and then fill the gaps as such with the smaller, more workable ones.

The Benefits of Crazy Paving

Appearance and workability are two of the standout benefits of using a crazy paving style in your garden or patio area. With the unforced, natural look of crazy paving that is created by using stones of all sizes and bringing them together can give an outdoor are real character.

As well as this, this method of paving is long lasting and capable to handle all weather conditions for a long period of time given the way it is laid. As mentioned above, by deliberately leaving small gaps between each stone allows for the garden owner to be creative and add something extra in the cracks which can offer an even more beautiful finish. Some examples of this can be seen below:

Crazy Paving SlabsFlagstone slabsFlagstone pavers on gravel


One option that is growing in popularity is called “crazy paving.” Crazy paving is exactly what it sounds like: a type of paving that uses irregularly shaped stones in order to create an interesting and eye-catching design.

At Midland Stone, we have a variety of crazy paving stones for sale, namely our Petra Random Paving Stone, the Petra Kavlas Paving Stone, and the Liscannor Random Paving Stone. For more information on any of the above, or if we can help you with your specific query, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.

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