Although very little maintenance is needed for natural stone, every once in a while, it is important to pay it some attention. The stone in your garden can easily get overrun with weeds, moss, marks, and stains and if this is left to settle in, the stone will begin to get stained and damage will start to set in.

Weeds and Moss

These problems are easily controlled as long as they are treated regularly. Treat during a dry period in spring and autumn. Weed and grass growth needs to be attacked with an appropriate weed killer. Moss needs to be treated with a water based fungicide and algaecide.


This will need a stain remover, but be aware of the ingredients of the stain remover as most are acid based and may damage the paving. Midland Stone provide a range of stain removers at our location in Athlone and we can advise you on what stain remover is best to use on your paving.

Sealing Stone Paving

Midland Stone also provide sealers for your natural stone paving. This is a great way to prevent your paving from stains, erosion and spalling through repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

General Dirt

There is no way to stop your paving from getting dirty after some time, but to get it back in a pristine condition it can be as simple as using some acid-free soap and warm water with a brush. Lichen is a slow bloomer but moss, algae, and liverworts spread rapidly if left unattended. Power hosting the paving is another way to get your paving back to new but make sure you use the acid-free solution as this could damage the paving and also leach into your surrounding soil.

If you are not sure what to do or use to maintain your paving, contact us and we will recommend the best solution for you.

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