Dry dashing can be difficult to match in the case of a house extension or a new garden wall, but at Midland Stone we offer a dry dashing service like no other. If you are having difficulty matching your current type of dry dashing stone, you can send us a picture or a broken off piece of the dry dashing and we will provide a direct match which will ensure your new extension will unnoticeably fit in. We can send you a sample of the matching mix so you can verify it prior to placing your order.

By sending a picture to us, not only does it make it easier for us to find the right type of stone to use, but it also provides the customer with reassurance that the colour and texture of their new wall or exterior feature will look exactly the same as the dry dashing that has been used already. As well as this, if you see a particular type of dry dashing that you like, you can send us a picture and we will be able to identify which one it is.

Dry dashing is a commonly used decorative finish to external walls and buildings. Along with our range of mixes you can find in our building stone range, we offer unique custom mixes upon request if you are looking for a precise finish or overall effect.

There are many advantages of using dry dashing on a variety of applications. Our building stone and dashing are favourites of landscapers for creating walls, outdoor structure and garden features. Dry dashing gives good impact resistance, comes in a variety of colours and textures, is very low maintenance, and provides a decorative finish that will leave your house looking brand new.

For more information on our dry dashing services and how we can help you find the right colour or texture, contact us today.

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