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Midland Stone is your one-stop shop for marble stone terrazzo aggregates and coloured recycled glass chippings that can bring an architects vision to life.

We collaborate with architects and interior designers in the UK who are looking to provide their clients with stunning, long lasting and distinctive flooring projects.

We are uniquely placed to provide not only superior terrazzo stone aggregates but also a range of coloured glass chippings, that when combined in a flooring project, can produce spectacular polished flooring with a burst of colour and sparkle. The results are limitless by combining a range of terrazzo aggregates and glass chippings in various mixed quantities, to design a once off floor that will last a lifetime.

Mixed coloured glass in Terrazzo Floor


  • We can provide small sample mixes of any terrazzo aggregates combined with coloured glass chippings on request.
  • Samples are dispatched within 48 hours within the UK. (fill out the form on the right!)
  • Choose from a range of coloured glass chippings in thrilling blues, dazzling yellows to sparkling greens.
  • Terrazzo marble aggregates come in a range of colours such as Mother of Pearl, Yellow Sienna and Green Alpe to add colourful flecks and coloured dappling to make your floor stand out.
  • Trade pricing and terms offered.

The glass chippings add another element to your Terrazzo flooring project, helping to bring together colour schemes within a room and complement the overall interior design and style of the building or home.

Terrazzo flooring with added coloured glass that is finished using a clear topcoat, can generate a glistening, gemlike depth in colour and a mosaic effect that is unmatched by any other type of flooring.

Why use

Flexibility in design creation.

Aesthetically superior flooring.

Environmentally friendly.

Durability and long lasting.

Low maintenance once installed.


Cobalt Glass Chippings

This vibrant cobalt glass chipping has a deep ink blue colour that can add sophistication to any terrazzo floor.

Yellow Glass Chippings

Add a beautiful sunny colour to your terrazzo project with our Yellow Recycled Glass Chippings which will brighten up a terrazzo floor.

Sea Blue Glass Chippings

Turquoise glass chippings are sea blue in colour and are an angular shape. Ideal for creating beautiful mosaics for bathroom floors.

Red Glass Chippings

Vibrant in colour, red glass chippings have many different uses and can be added to terrazzo flooring for the ultimate colourful touch.


The Bardigilio Terrazzo aggregates are made from fine Italian marble to provide a durable material and base grey colour for crafting terrazzo floors.

Yellow Sienna Marble

An incredibly beautiful marble aggregate, this material creates a stunning effect and can withstand high volume traffic areas due to it’s  high-quality and durability.

Green Alpe

To create a different base colour and add a natural effect to your terrazzo floor, Green Alpe provides a splendid rock texture ideal for both indoor or outdoor terrazzo projects.

Mother Of Pearl

Mother of pearl adds a beautiful glossy appearance with its stunning mix of yellow, white and gold colours. A Venetian classic, this aggregate provides a super shiny finish that glistens when hit by the sunlight.


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