Although natural stone is very easy to maintain, you have to pay attention to it occasionally. Soon weeds, moss and stains can appear on the stones in your garden. If you do nothing about this, the stone will discolour and become damaged.

Weeds and moss

By treating your stones regularly, you can easily protect them against this. Treat the stones during a dry period in spring and autumn. Weeds and grass must be controlled with a suitable weed killer. Moss must be combatted with a water-based fungicide and algaecide.


You need a stain remover, but pay attention to the stain remover ingredients because most are acid-based and can damage the stones. Midland Stone offers a wide range of stain remover and we can advise you on which stain remover you can use best for your stones.


Midland Stone also has sealants for your paving of natural stone. This is a great way to prevent your paving from being affected by stains, erosion and crumbling by repeated freezing and thawing.


It is inevitable that your pavement will get dirty after a while. To get it back in an impeccable state, you can simply use some acid-free soap, warm water and a brush. Lichen grows slowly but moss, algae and liverworm spread quickly if you do not pay attention. A high-pressure cleaner is another way to make your garden paving as good as new, but make sure you use an acid-free solution because otherwise you can damage the paving and the product can seep into the surrounding soil.

If you are not sure what to do to maintain your pavement, please contact us so we can give you the best solution.