Silver Coated Beads

These beads are 17-19mm in size, silver coated beads have a luminous shine to them. The beads have a painted finish, that is clear beads with a silver coating added. The beads are not silver, some people are under the assumption that these beads are actually made of silver. We recommend that you purchase a small sample bag to determine the size and finish of the beads.

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Silver coated glass beads are artificially coloured, that is the silver coating is painted onto clear glass beads. The glass beads are 17-19mm in size and have the same smooth bottom finish as our existing glass beads. These glass beads are generally used in internal decoration. We would not recommend using these beads outside, as the silver coating would fade over time. The silver coating of these beads makes them very popular for use in table decoration or for any internal planting project. Most clients use these beads in conjunction with clear glass beads or black glass beads. The silver coating is added to the clear glass beads after production, the coating covers the top surface of the glass bead. We recommend for customers to purchase a sample bag prior to committing to a large order. These beads are particularly popular in Mosiac art. On average 1k of beads would have approximately 120 to 130 pieces. We supply this product in 1kg,5kg,15kg and 25kg bags. Please feel free to email us on if you require any further information.

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Sample, 1kg, 5kg, 15kg, 25kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg




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