Yellow Porcelain Beads

Yellow Porcelain beads are a brand new addition to our range, these beads are 17-19mm in size and have a flat bottom and smooth circular top. They come in a deep yellow colour. They are available in sample,1kg,5kg,15kg and 25kg bags. A single 1kg bag would hold about 120 beads. A sample bag is a “look and see”, with 5 to 6 beads, so that the customer can be sure of the quality and colour of the product they are buying.

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The rich yellow colours associated with these beads is got by adding Uranium to the batch mix during the melting process. Porcelain is made up of a combination of feldspar, sand and other glass products. The photograph shows the deep yellow colour these beads have, the colour is not painted on, if you were to smash one of these beads the colour would be uniform throughout. The product is 17-19mm in size, has a flat bottom and smooth circular top. These beads are more expensive than the other colours due to the cost of the oxide (colourant), that has to be used to produce them. Many clients have used these beads for ceramic projects, where a rich/deep yellow colour is required. Clients have used these beads extensively for memorial kerb sets, where they can be combined with other colours to produce a stunning dedication to a deceased close friend or family member. A client recently used these beads to create the Watford FC football colours. On average a UK “Kerbsett” would require 2 25kg of these beads. Each kg of beads would equate to 120 to 130 pieces. This colour can also be used to striking effect in floral or table displays, generally, a sprinkle of these beads would be used to add colour to a table display.

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Sample, 1kg, 5kg, 15kg, 25kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg




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