Ice Blue Chippings

Ice Blue chipping is 20mm in size, we supply this product in a variety of options from a sample, 25kg bags up to 1 tonne (40 25kg bags). The product is dispatched in plastic bags which are sealed at the top. Please feel free to email us on if you require any additional information.

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Ice Blue Chippings give a beautifully bold and contemporary colour.This chipping has very soft and subtle mixtures of white, light black and blue colours running through it. This product is a marble, therefore it is porous in nature, it does have a dusty appearance when dry but looks quite stunning when exposed to sunlight. The aggregate may vary in terms of colour and mix of colours from the picture on the website, due to the natural variation in stone from one batch to the next. Where you a purchasing a large amount of this product it would be best to order a small sample bag prior to placing a larger order. Generally, 1 tonne of this product will cover 10-12sqm to 1.5″ in depth, in the case of a 25kg bag, 1 bag will cover .25 to .3sqm. Delivery will be made by courier (DPD) in the case of orders (less than 4 25kg bags) or if over 150kg delivery would be made by Pallet network by means of tail lift. We can also provide sample bags to determine the size and colour of the chipping. This product is generally used in landscaping projects, to add some colour to a flower bed or garden makeover. Clients have also used this product for Memorial kerbsetts, it would generally be a good match for Lavender blue or G603 Granite in terms of colour and texture. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone if you require any additional information.

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