Moldovan White Pebble

Our Moldovan White Chippings are perfectly white marble product, which is tumbled in a large machine over and over again, to produce a perfectly rounded marble pebble.

The first thing you need to know about Moldovan White Pebble is that it is very porous and therefore absorbs the material it is close to. Take care when placing this marble as it can stain other materials you are using in your project.

It is often used in the kerbside memorial but shows the most effective in fish tanks and fish ponds. Choose large 20-40 mm pebbles for external water projects and smaller 10-20 mm pebbles for internal projects.

We can deliver Moldovan White Pebble in 25-kilogram plastic bags, but we also have it in large tonne sacks.

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Large 11-20mm, Extra Large 30-40mm


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