Yellow Polished Cobbles

Straw yellow and dark yellow shades are combined to produce nice, shiny Yellow Polished Cobbles. The smooth, rounded surface makes them a great choice for fish ponds, fish tanks and any other water feature.

Some use the yellow polished cobbles as a garden pebble, others add it to create contrast to the kerb sett or memorial garden. You might want to use them on concrete footpaths, driveways, patios and paved areas.

These smooth, rounded Yellow Polished Cobbles are available in three sizes, 10-30mm and 30-50mm.

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Our yellow polished cobbles are a beautiful shiny river cobble. These smooth, rounded cobbles are available in two sizes, 10-30mm and 30-50mm.
The yellow polished cobbles are a natural cobble. The smooth, rounded surface is achieved using a unique production process.  Once collected, the cobbles are tumbled over and over again in a cylindrical drum to achieve the rounded edge. This process can take between 6 and 8 days.

A wax is then applied to the product a number of times to achieve the shinny effect.  Heat is also applied during the waxing process to ensure the gloss effect lasts as long as possible.

The yellow polished cobbles have many uses namely for use as grave decor in a kerb sett or memorial garden.  This is by far the most popular application of the cobbles.  Many customers chose the yellow polished cobbles to complement their granite headstone.  Most will add another colour from the polished cobble range to add a little contrast.

Such cobbles have also been used in internal and external landscape design. Internally customers have used them as ‘pot toppers’, in other words to add to the top of the potted plant to disguise the clay and give a clean appealing look.  Externally the cobbles have been used in many landscape projects.  Some will use the yellow polished cobbles as a garden pebble, whilst others have used them as part of a water feature.

Our smaller sized yellow polished cobbles have been used in internal fish tanks or as part of larger external fish ponds. They are perfectly safe to use in the pond.  They are a natural stone and with the smooth rounded edges they will not cause harm to the fish.   Yellow polished cobbles provide a beautiful contrast in colour against an external pond or an internal fish tank. Many clients have used the yellow polished cobbles in combination with some of our brighter glass pebbles, to give a beautiful contrast in colour.

The yellow polished cobbles can also be used for decorative purposes in concrete footpaths, driveways, patios and paved areas.  Recently one of our recent clients used the cobbles to edged a concrete drive.  They set the cobbles in concrete to distinguish one paved area from another.   The cobbles can give any concrete project a nice decorative finish.  .

Many florists have incorporated  our range of polished cobbles in floral arrangements for weddings, table decor and internal planting. Many favour the smooth, shiny nature of the cobble thus making it a  unique product for any table display or internal planting. Some have added the cobbles to the base of a flower vase, others have used the cobbles to dress the top of the pot. They are a natural product and therefore sit beautifully with any arrangement.

The cobbles have also been used for various art and craft projects.  Customers have used the cobbles on their own or with a selection from our range for mosaic projects and other hand crafted pieces.

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