It’s amazing what pretty pebbles and stone chippings can do to the look of a garden or driveway. Gardeners and landscape designers rely on garden pebbles and decorative stone chippings to fill in bare spaces and perform a number of aesthetic and practical functions in landscape design.

Midland Stone carry one of the finest selections of natural stone garden pebbles and chippings in Ireland. Our extensive collection includes decorative stone chippings, cobble stones, and aggregates with attractive angles and various sizes. Whether you want a simple single colour or want a mix of shades, we have decorative gravel and garden stones to suit your every need.

Decorative gravel and chippings and are an excellent way to add texture to your garden flower beds and other landscaping projects.

They’re also great for covering up any unsightly areas or giving your lawn a more natural feel. We have all types of decorative stone chippings in our inventory, so we can find exactly what you need!

Not sure which type of garden pebbles is right for your project? We have 20 years of experience and would be glad to help you select the perfect style. Phone, email or chat with us today.

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