Coral Rose Ceramic Flower – 20% off while stocks last

The Coral Rose Ceramic Flower provides a stunning finish to any memorial. The Coral Rose is an Orangey/Red colour, the flowers are 17cm in diameter. They can be left free standing on the grave or they can set into a post or a vase.


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The Coral Rose is a beautiful orange/red colour. Our range of Ceramic Roses very closely match the real thing, they have the great bonus of not having to be replaced on a regular basis and add a touch of sophistication to any memorials. These type of ceramic flowers are generally put in a post/vase with a hole and an adhesive is used to ensure the flower stays in place. These flowers are resistant to extreme temperatures, from extreme frost to heat. The Coral Rose is a design that matches that matches the classic rose flower. These flowers are 17cm in diameter and have an opening at the bottom, to allow the free flow of water, that may lodge over time. These flowers can provide a beautiful finishing touch to any memorial or headstone.

Weight 150 kg


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