Blue Limestone Stick on Wall Stone

Adding the look of beautiful stone to the interior or exterior of a home or place of business doesn’t have to mean completely re-modelling or spending a fortune to have stone installed by a professional stonemason. The Blue Limestone Stick on Wall Stone instantly creates the illusion that a building or structure was crafted entirely out of the finest quality stone bricks. This stone will enhance any wall, fireplace or outside wall. The great strength of this type of stone is that it is easy to apply and it has beautiful colour.


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The Blue Limestone stick on wall stone adheres securely to wall surfaces with Ardex adhesive and does not require any mortar. As a result, you can add the stone to a facade the same way that you would tile strips. The end result is the look of stone bricks without any of the labour-intensive installation required.

While the Blue Limestone stick on wall stone may be as convenient as faux tiles, it offers all of the beauty of the finest quality limestone. That’s because we manufacture the stick-on stone out of real limestone, not synthetic materials that are simply painted and textured to resemble stone.

The colour of this stone is a bluish-grey with veins of light grey and white running through it. Its hues add a cool, calming quality and match with many different interior and exterior colour palettes.

Because it is durable and so simple to install, the Blue Limestone stick on wall stone has many applications. You can use it to transform an ordinary interior wall into a naturalistic chic accent wall or to give a weathered or aged exterior wall a whole new life. The stick on wall stone can also add to the beauty of a fireplace, sometimes used as a backdrop to a stove or to dress the front of the fireplace.

The Blue Limestone stick on wall stone is pre-cut into strips that measure 600 millimetres by 150 millimetres in size. We can create corner pieces upon request to suit your needs. The stone is sold by the square meter. Use our online calculator to help determine how much to purchase for your project.

Weight 75 kg


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