Claragh Stone Bricks

From the hills above Durmquin comes a beautiful building stone that is sure to inspire a wide variety of projects. Our Claragh Stone is an Irish building stone of the absolute finest quality. It has been used for many landscaping and building projects throughout Ireland where a traditional look and lasting durability are desired. This type of stone is popular for garden walling, building stone and fireplaces, it is very similar in colour to the Leitrim stone, but has more white mixed through it. This product is sold per sqm and there is approx. 3 to 3.5 sqm per tonne sack.


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The Claragh Stone Brick is a guillotined sandstone that features a variety of soft, natural tones. Yellow and gold flecks warm the light ivory base of the stone, and some pieces are dominated by these lovely hues for a nice mix of colour.
In terms of its character, this stone brick has many similarities to the look of our Leitrim stone; however, when placed side by side, the Claragh Stone Bricks is noticeably lighter due to the presence of more white in the natural material.

The Claragh Stone Brick provides all of the durability that has made sandstone a prized building material. Capable of lasting a lifetime, sandstone resists damage due to weather and retains its beauty as it ages to remain colourful and lustrous with age. When utilised in exposed outdoor areas, the stone can hold up well to the effects of water, making it suitable for use in wetter climates.

Many contractors choose our Claragh Stone Bricks as a primary facing stone for homes. It is also a very popular choice for garden walls and for building fireplaces both outdoors and indoors. This variety of building stone is sold by the tonne sack, and you’ll receive enough to cover approx. 3 to 3.5 square meters in each sack purchased. Our online calculator can help you determine the quantity you require.

With flexible delivery options and pickup at our Athlone location, Midland Stone makes it easy to purchase building stone for any project. Order our Claragh Stone Bricks or contact us if you need more information about this beautiful material.

Weight 1000 kg


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