Dolomite White Marble

Dolomite White Marble is a classic chipping. Dolomite originates in Spain and is a mixture of white and cream coloured angular chipping. It is widely used by contractors for dry dashing and also used to dress memorial graves.

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Dolomite has long been used by contractors to dry dash houses.  With its pale palette, the chippings stand out handsomely against dark facades or can be used to add texture to a light coloured building whilst keeping to the original colour scheme. If you’d prefer a touch of colour, you may want to opt for our Dolomite blends. Our regular Dolomite blends have a 10% mix of either black, brown or white limestone sand. We also can customise any mix to suit your requirements.

As a durable, weather-resistant rock, dolomite is an excellent choice. The marble makes an effective barrier to impact and weather damage to help commercial buildings and residences remain in good condition despite the harsh effects of the weather here in Ireland. The stone also brings a unique textural element to facades without requiring much maintenance.

Dolomite is also widely used by memorial masons to dress memorial graves.  It is a neutral chip that will tone in with any coloured granite.

See our white limestone dry dash as well.

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