Durite is another classic chipping that has been used in Ireland for years to dry dash houses and also to dress memorial graves. It is a blend of off white, grey, brown, terracotta and a pink colour chipping.  It is irregular and angular in shape and 8-11mm in size.



Our dry dashing mixes are trusted by contractors across Ireland and our Durite Dry Dashing is no exception. This pebble dash looks stunning on buildings with many different colours featured on the exterior. Like all of our dry dashing building products, this mix features only the finest of rock patterns and is carefully selected to give you the large variety of colour.

The Durite Dry Dashing is a dynamic multi-colour pebble dash mixture. Tones of off-white and pink create a soft base to start off the mix. Then, we add rocks in shades of grey to cool things down. Finishing the blend is dark terracotta pebble that contrasts boldly with the other hues and bring warm splashes to the look. With the carefully varied pebble sizes and colour, this blend of dry dash adds plenty of warmth and texture to facades.

As functional as it is stylish, the Durite Dry Dashing will help to protect the facade of a building for years to come. We use durable stone to create the pebbledash, so once it is applied to your substrate, it will serve as a barrier to both impact and weather damage. The dry dash finish is easy to maintain for hassle-free beauty.

Durite is also widely used to cover memorial graves. It tones in with all granites but can look particularly well with Paradiso, Aurora Red or Pandora granite. The terracotta and brown tones in Durite match well with similar tones in the granite

Weight 1000 kg


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