A naturally occurring ferro-alumino silicate which offers benefits in abrasive consumption and dust generation compared to conventional expendable abrasives. This garnet is 0.2 to 0.6mm in size. As well as having excellent abrasive qualities Garnet is also a recyclable material and therefore can be used over and over again.

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Garnet is a material commonly used by memorial masons and also used in the steel industry for cleaning stainless steel parts.
Red garnet has a superior hardness and does not produce significant blasting dust. It is a non-toxic material and an environmentally friendly abrasive.
The free silica content is less than .5%, this is well within health and safety requirements. Garnet is a particularly hard material, its MOHS is greater than 8.
The Garnet abrasive is recyclable,
Garnet blasting ensures optimal cleaning of stainless steel parts without ferrous contamination.
We can offer this product in 25kg, 250kg, 500kg and 1000kg lots. Please feel free to contact us for any technical information on this product.

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25kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg

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