Handmade Red Bricks

Want to give your building project that beautiful rustic chic, vintage look? Our Handmade Red Bricks are the perfect solution. These bricks are popular for creating beautiful antique-look fireplaces and for exposed brick interior walls in new construction and re-modelling projects.
Our handmade Red Bricks can also be used for erecting garden walls and other exterior walls as well as for paving applications like sidewalks and garden pathways.


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Handmade bricks are becoming scarce as the traditional methods of producing bricks is time-consuming. Our handmade bricks have that traditional rustic look to them and give interiors and exteriors character with their unique properties.

Because our Handmade Red Bricks are formed from natural materials, no two are ever completely identical. Each brick is of uniform shape and size; however, you will see variation in the colour.  The blocks reveal different shades of red from very pale almost pink hues to deep burgundy and brown hues. Touches of gold and orange are present on some pieces, giving you that authentic handmade look that will make any outdoor or indoor building project unique and aesthetically appealing.

At Midland Stone, we sell the Handmade Red Bricks by the brick. Each unit that you add to your basket will be for one additional brick. We provide an Online Calculator to help you calculate the number of bricks that your project calls for, or you can contact us by phone or email for assistance calculating your material requirements. A number of shipping and delivery methods are available for your convenience, including truck delivery and pallet shipping. You can also pick these bricks up at our location in Athlone if you prefer.

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