Handmade Yellow Bricks

While trends in architecture come and go, one material that never wanes in popularity is the classic brick. Our handmade Yellow bricks are unique, each showing off beautiful yellow tones which are naturally present in the bricks together with hints of brown and grey. Handmade bricks are not only natural but they are also practical, durable and visually appealing bricks and have been used for structures for centuries.


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Today, most bricks on the market are now machine manufactured rather than by hand. While this has made materials plentiful and less costly, the mass-produced bricks simply do not have the same level of beauty as the artisan-crafted ones produced generations ago.

At Midland Stone, we’re returning to the traditional bricks for building supply with our Handmade Yellow Bricks. These bricks bring that rustic charm back to the building material with their careful artisan craftsmanship. Traditional techniques are used to produce each one, giving the brick an antique look that simply can’t be duplicated with a machine.

The Handmade Yellow Bricks that we carry can be used for any building purpose; however, we sell them mostly to contractors and stonemasons for building fireplaces. Often, the yellow bricks are paired with a black limestone hearth flag for a perfect finish. The bricks can also be a lovely choice for building exposed internal walls, for outdoor fireplaces, brick ovens and garden walls.

At Midland Stone, we sell our Handmade Yellow Bricks by the brick. To calculate how many bricks will be necessary for your project, please use our Online Calculator. We can ship the bricks to any location in Ireland. Our pallet truck service typically delivers within 24 to 48 hours or you can pick-up at our base in Athlone. Contact us for more information.

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