Limestone with Black Dry Dashing

Create a beautiful, low maintenance finish on a home or building with our Limestone with Black Dry Dashing Aggregate. Widely used by contractors across Ireland, this is one of our best-selling products for pebble dash. It can put that perfect final detail on the exterior of any structure whilst providing a number of practical benefits.

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The Limestone with 10% Black Dry Dashing Aggregate is a mixture of 90 percent white limestone and 10 percent black limestone. This classic colour combination can produce a very striking effect on any facades. With lighter buildings, the black flecks create pops of colour, and on darker buildings, the predominantly white mixture gives a very bold, dynamic contrast of colour. Strewn throughout the mixture are touches of light grey,  which serve to balance the lighter and darker shades present.

All of the fragments in the Limestone with Black Dry Dashing mix are sized and shaped differently. No two pieces are ever completely identical, giving pebble dash that traditional, natural look that is so unique and appealing. The pebbles in the dry dashing assortment are approx. 8 to 11 millimetres; however, slight variations in size above and below the average should be expected.

With very low porosity, limestone causes water to roll off rather than soak through, making it an excellent choice of material for dry dashing. The Limestone with Black Dry Dashing can provide weather and impact protection for buildings and serve as an extra layer of insulation to promote energy efficiency.

The Limestone with Black Dry Dashing Aggregate is sold by the bag with 25 kilograms of pebble dash per bag. Usually, one bag will give you enough material to cover an area of wall that is roughly 2 square meters in size. You can also purchase white limestone sand and white cement  necessary for completing your project at Midland Stone.

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