Wet Pebble Dashing

Wet pebble dashing provides a beautiful way to finish the exterior of a home or commercial building and is popular throughout Ireland due to its many benefits. The pebble is pre-mixed with cement and lime and cast onto a scratch coated wall. The pebble is sunk within the mixture and presented as a rough textured finish.

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Wet pebble dashing is the traditional method for pebble dashing an exterior. To create the textured finish, high quality grey pebbles are blended with cement and lime and then applied to a wall that has been scratch coated to help the mixture fully adhere. The pebbles blend in with the cement and lime, creating a continuous surface with noticeable textured bumps throughout. At Midland Stone, we make it easy to purchase the supplies needed for plasterers to create a beautiful wet cast finish with our Grey Wet Dash mixture.

The results you’ll receive with this Grey Wet Dash differ from the ones possible with the dry dashing pebbles sold here at Midland Stone. With dry pebble dashing, the pebbles protrude, resting on top of the sand and cement mix. In contrast the wet dashing has a more blended look because the pebbles are sunken into the sand, cement mix.

Wet pebble dashing provides a number of benefits when used to finish an exterior. The finish greatly reduces the need for painting and other maintenance. It also provides an extra layer of insulation to keep out noise and help regulate temperatures indoors.

We sell our Grey Wet Dash by the tonne sack. In general, a single sack can be used to cover an area of wall that is 50 square meters in size; however, the actual amount needed for completing a project can vary. If you are a homeowner purchasing supplies for a professional plasterer to use to wet dash your facade, please refer to him or her for instructions regarding how much to buy.

If you have any questions about our Grey Wet Dash, we’ll be glad to answer them. You can ask us through our Online Chat service or call us at 00353 86 385 2359 or email for assistance.

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