White Limestone Sand

The Grade A White Limestone Sand we offer is widely used and trusted by building professionals throughout Ireland and is ideal for applying finishes to any building.  Our white limestone sand provides a perfectly white dash application when applied to a scratch coat and combined with white cement. It is available in 25kg bags and 1 bag covers approximately 2 sqm.

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Midland Stone is dedicated to helping contractors and DIY enthusiasts get everything required to ensure best results when dry dashing an exterior. We aim to be a one-stop shop for dry dashing stone and supplies by carrying the accessories required to use our high-quality pebble dash mixtures to the fullest to ensure a long-lasting, stylish finish.

Grade A White Limestone Sand offers a number of advantages for use in dry dashing applications. Because it is pure white in colour, our white sand will coordinate with any of the dry dashing rock mixtures in our collection. With white options like our Dolomite Chipping and Dolomite marble, it creates a perfectly pure finish. With darker options like the Black Limestone chipping, it keeps the emphasis on the stone and calls attention to its colour and texture.

Because we have sourced the finest quality White Limestone Sand to add to our inventory, you can be assured of optimal results for your project.  For the best finish possible, we recommend that you use our fine grade sand along with the Grade A White Cement that we carry. Both colours in the white sand and cement blend perfectly.

The White Limestone Sand sold here at Midland Stone comes in a bag that weighs 25 kilograms. Based on average use, the general guidelines for purchasing white limestone sand is that one 25-kilogram bag will cover approx. 1.25 square meters of a building surface. The general rule applied when figuring out the quantity of white limestone sand and cement to use is four parts sand to one part cement.

If you have any questions about the White Limestone Sand, please feel free to contact us.

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