Yellow Siena

Our beautiful Yellow Siena Chippings are a collection of yellows, beiges, taupes and cream coloured chippings.  The chippings are irregular in shape and angular in appearance.  Available in one size only, 8-11mm.


Our Yellow Siena Chipping is a pebble mix that brings together a wide range of hues. The base stone is a yellow variety of marble that ranges in colour from deep orange gold to much lighter buttercup and straw shades. Beige, brown and taupe can also be found amongst the aggregate as well as pearly pieces of a cream coloured chip.

Yellow Siena has many uses. It has been used for years to pebble dash residential and commercial buildings in Ireland.  Marble is a very durable stone and will help to protect the facade of a home or business from weather and impact whilst also serving as an extra layer of noise and thermal insulation.

When you purchase the Yellow Siena Dry Dashing, you’ll only get the absolute finest chippings for your pebble dashing needs. We pre-wash the stone to eliminate any dust and debris particles, so it can be used straight from purchase.

Yellow Siena is also popular to decorate graves and memorials sites.  Its many shades of yellow can act as a warm contrast to a black or darker coloured  granite.  It is also chosen to compliment the gold lettering on the headstone.


Weight1000 kg


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