Amber Glass Beads

Our Amber Brown coloured glass beads are flat backed with a raised curved surface.  They measure 17-19mm in diameter.  These beads are often used for jewellery making and other decorative purposes, but they are also popular for grave decoration, in particluar they are matched with Aurora Red or Pandora granite headstone and surround.



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At one time, the fossilised tree resin commonly called resin was prized as much as gold. Now, centuries later, the beautiful colour of the material still pleases the eye and puts a beautiful finishing touch on home interiors and exteriors. Amber Glass beads have a round shape with a domed top and vary in size from 17 to 19 millimetres.

Adding to the beauty of the colour of the Amber Glass Beads is their striking shine. Each bead reflects the light for an iridescent quality that makes them truly stunning. With your order, you’ll receive a mixed assortment of beads. Every bead will be the rich amber colour, but the sizes of the individual pieces of glass will range between 17 and 19 millimetres.

While the Amber Glass Beads are simple, they can be put to a remarkable number of uses. They are used to decorate graves in particular they have been paired with Aurora Red or Pandora granite.  Jewelry makers love the colour and quality of these glass beads, and florists often use them for adding beauty to centrepieces for weddings and arrangements for other occasions. You can also use the glass beads to fill bowls and jars around your home. Let their colour inspire your creative arts and crafts projects.

At Midland Stone, we sell Amber Glass Beads in a bag that weighs 25 kilograms. Each quantity ordered will be for one 25-kilogram bag. We also carry glass beads in a variety of colours. Our Black Glass Beads blend nicely with the amber colour for Halloween decorations! Check out all of the hues available to add colour, shine and a sleek texture to your projects.

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