Black Glass Beads

Smooth and sleek, these Black Glass Beads are commonly used in jewellery making, flower arranging, aquariums, home decor and arts and crafts projects. Unlike some of our other glass beads, the black variety is completely opaque, so you cannot see through the glass to the other side. Dark ebony in colour, these beads are often used with white opal beads. They are 17-19mm in size and can be shiny or non-shiny depending on the end customers’ requirements.

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Everyone knows a little black dress is always sure to make a chic fashion statement. Well, these little black beads offer a similar guarantee. No matter how you use them for arts and crafts or decorating, you’re sure to get stylish results, thanks to their colour, shine and quality.

Each black glass bead is carefully shaped to eliminate rough surfaces. The bottom of the beads are flattened for easy stacking and arranging to make them easy to use for any application.

When you purchase Black Glass Beads from Midland Stone, you can get the exact look that you desire. We can produce these glass beads with a highly polished finish that provides a mirror-like shine. With this option, the beads provide a reflective surface for a look similar to mercury in the light. If you prefer we can leave the glass beads with a matte finish that maximises their ebony black colour.

We also offer clear glass beads.

The Black Glass Beads are sold in a 25-kilogram bag. Purchase one unit for each 25-kilogram bag that you require for your project. The bag will include a mixed assortment of beads in sizes ranging from roughly 17 millimetres in diameter to roughly 19 millimetres in diameter.

The go-with-everything black colour of the Black Glass Beads makes these beads perfect for mixing and matching with any of the other glass beads in our Arts and Crafts collection. Try them with our White Opal Glass beads for a high contrast effect or place them with our Clear Glass beads for a striking look. Shop our entire assortment of glass beads to discover other beautiful colour combination possibilities.

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