Blue Recycled Glass Chippings

Our Turquoise Recycled Glass Chippings are a beautiful ocean blue colour.  They are irregular and angular in appearance and available in 2 sizes, medium (10-14mm) and large (16-20mm)

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Bring colour to your memorial garden with our Turquoise Recycled Glass Chippings. Sure to remain beautiful for years to come, the glass adds beauty to memorial tributes and has the look of raw gemstones to elegantly elevate designs. These chippings have an array of other uses beyond memorial applications and are a favourite among florists as vase fillers or pot toppers.

Aqua blue in hue, the Turquoise Recycled Glass Chippings reflect the colours of the sky and the sea and have a calming, tranquil vibe due to the coolness of their shade.

The Turquoise Recycled Glass Chippings are an eco-friendly material for decorating and memorial applications, as they are made from post-consumer recycled bottles and jars. To begin the manufacturing process, the collected glass is liquefied by heating it to an extremely high temperature. Then, the aqua blue colourant is added to the mixture to tint the glass to the perfect shade. The colour is permanently integrated into the glass.  It can be exposed to the elements, be it sun or rain and it will not fade.

Once the colour is well mixed, the glass is allowed to cool. Then, tools are used to crush it into angular pieces. As the final step, Turquoise Recycled Glass Chippings are polished to remove dangerous sharp edges and enhance the shine of the fragments.

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