Clear Glass Beads

Flawlessly beautiful, Clear Glass Beads add a sleek quality to many types of arts and crafts and decorating projects. Each one that you receive in your order will be in pristine condition, as we take the time to ensure that these beads are flawless prior to packing.
Clear glass beads are 17-19mm in size and are often used in arts and crafts projects, such as jewellery bead making etc. These beads are generally shiny in nature.

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The Clear Glass Beads bring to mind the look of a perfectly clean window with their completely transparent design. Their domed shape makes their surface reflective, so these beads can produce dazzling effects when placed around candles in a centrepiece or similar decoration. Incredibly lustrous, the glass beads are also very popular for jewellery making and can be used as a raw material for making your own beads or stained glass.

In each assortment of Clear Glass Beads, you’ll find individual pieces that measure between 17 and 19 millimetres in size. If you are looking for something larger and rounder, we also offer Clear Glass Spheres that are roughly 4 inches in diameter. Our beads are flat on one side, allowing them to be piled up and stacked to create different effects for decorating and arts and crafts.

Like all of our glass beads, the Clear Glass Beads are polished to remove any rough edges. As pleasing to the touch as they are to the eye, the sleek beads can be used for sensory play for children in classrooms and in occupational therapy settings due to their durability.

Many artists and designers combine our Clear Glass Beads with the coloured beads in our collection, as they pair nicely with any other shade.

Our craft glass beads make an excellent gift idea for friends or family members who enjoy jewellery making and decorating their homes with unique pieces that stand out from the rest.

The beads are sold in 25-kilogram bags. Each quantity that you purchase will give you an additional bag of the beads. We offer shipping to locations throughout Ireland and most orders can arrive within 24 to 48 hours. You can also pick your order up at our location in Athlone if you are located close by.

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