Cobalt Recycled Glass Chippings

Our Cobalt Recycled Glass is deep ink blue in colour. It is an angular, irregular sized chipping available in 2 sizes, medium 10-14mm and large 16-20mm.  It has a wide variety of uses, often used for floral displays, internal planting projects, wedding decor and used to decorate graves or memorial gardens.

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If you think the colour of Cobalt Recycled Glass Chippings is striking just based on the photograph, just wait until you see this beautiful glass in person. Vibrantly coloured in gorgeous shades of ink blue, these chippings stand out in any type of project and bring a lovely look to memorial gardens, floral arrangements, planters and many other decorative items.

When natural or artificial light shines on the glass, the colour becomes even more intense, and the gleam of the glass is simply lovely. Wherever you use Cobalt Recycled Glass Chippings, you can be sure that the results will be stunning and will make a bold impression.

To ensure that the Cobalt Recycled Glass Chippings are of the absolute best quality, we use a special production process to produce them. The recycled glass is first melted down and then blended with additives to create that striking blue colour. The hue is a permanent part of the glass that won’t rub off, wash away or fade, making this glass ideal for inclusion in any type of project.

The pigmented glass is then cooled and crushed into the perfect mix of angular pieces that make up Cobalt Recycled Glass Chippings assortments. Each piece is polished to eliminate dangerous sharp edges before we finally package it up for shipping to locations all over Ireland.

We also offer aqua blue recycled glass chippings and green recycled glass chippings.


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