Cornflower Blue Porcelain Pebbles

Our Cornflower Blue Porcelain Pebbles are a smooth, shiny, opaque mid blue porcelain stone.  They are available in one size only approx. 20mm long. They are used by florists, interior designers and memorial masons to dress graves.

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Our Cornflower Blue Porcelain Pebbles are a shiny mid blue porcelain pebble and are available in a unique 20mm kidney shape. The porcelain blue pebbles are produced from 100% post-consumer porcelain based product.
The porcelain is melted to a very a specific temperature. An additive is added to the process to produce our solid, consistent deep blue colour. The coloured porcelain is cooled and reprocessed to produce these pebbles.

Our Cornflower Blue Porcelain Pebbles can be used for a wide variety of applications. Customers have used the Cornflower Blue Porcelain Pebbles for wedding table displays, as part of a floral arrangement, window displays and for use in creative internal planting.

These pebbles are often used to dress graves.  Use on online calculator to help guide you with the quantity you require.

One of the most common uses of the Cornflower Blue Porcelain Pebbles is for polished concrete, it adds a nice splash of colour to any job.

Many landscape designers have incorporated the Cornflower Blue Porcelain Pebbles in individual landscape project to provide a truly unique design. Some have used these pebbles to add a distinctive element to their planting scheme. Porcelain pebbles are not recommended for use in firepits, as the pebbles would crack when exposed to high heat.

Generally, a 1kg bag of pebbles contains approximately 120-130 pebbles.


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