Electric Blue Recycled Glass

Our Electric Blue Recycled Glass chippings are deep blue in colour.  They are angular and irregular in shape and available in two sizes 6-11mm and 11-20mm.

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Our Electric Blue chippings are made from 100% recycled glass.  Glass bottles are collected and melted to a very high temperature. A dye is added during the process to achieve the blue colour.  This dye is colour fast and will not fade. The molten is then cooled, crushed and graded.  The Electric Blue Chippings have been used in many different ways.

They have been used to dress graves, either as a blanket covering or combined with another glass chipping or similar sized stone for contrast or often to depict team colours.

They have been used by the arts and crafts trade for mosaics, stained glass and jewellery making.

They have been combined with other chippings from the Terrazzo range to create a beautiful and distinctive floor.

They have been used by interior designers, florists and wedding planners to add visual impact.


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