Emerald Green Glass Pebbles

Our Emerald Green Glass Pebbles are green and translucent in colour. Made from 100% recycled glass, which is melted to molten and an additive added to the process to produce this beautiful,  distinctive green glass. Emerald Green glass pebbles will be the jewel of any interior design projects and are suitable for a wide variety of arts and crafts. The Emerald Green Glass pebbles have a subtle green colour that instantly catches the eye with a hue that makes them popular for creating holiday decorations.

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Whether you’re looking for supplies for jewellery making, glass for stained glass projects, materials for making mosaics or accents for a decoration, the quality of these glass beads makes them the perfect solution.
Our Emerald Green Glass Pebbles can be mixed them with Red Glass Pebbles or with our Clear Glass Pebbles for creating centrepieces for decorating or show them off at the bottom of a clear vase or bowl for St. Patrick’s Day. They can also be used to bring a pop of colour to home interiors year round, and they are very popular among professional florists for adding a final touch to arrangements.

No matter how you use the Emerald Green Glass Pebbles, you’re sure to be struck by their brilliant shine. These glass beads reflect the light to give them a mirror-like quality; however, they are still translucent and allow you to view whatever is beside, beneath or next to them. The high shine finish and reflective properties make these glass pebbles especially beautiful for use around candlelight or LEDs.

The assortment of Emerald Green Glass Pebbles that you’ll receive will contain a mix of sizes and shapes.

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