Green Recycled Glass Chippings

Our Green Recycled Glass Chippings are shamrock green in colour. They are irregular and angular in shape. Available in two sizes medium, 6-11mm and large 11-20mm.

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Our Green Recycled Glass Chippings will make any project an eco-friendly endeavour, as their manufacturing helps to keep glass waste from ending up in landfills.

To begin producing our Green Recycled Glass Chippings, we gather post-consumer recycled glass bottles and jars. The collected glass is heated to a very high temperature.  A vibrant green dye is mixed in with the melted glass to permanently alter its hue. Once the glass has reached the right level of colouration, it is allowed to cool in sheets. Then, the glass is crushed to fragments. Finally, the pieces are polished to eliminate sharp edges and ensure that the glass is safe to handle.

As a result, these recycled chippings allow you to keep your decorations or designs sustainable without having to compromise the visual appeal of the finished result.

We offer this popular colour of glass chippings in two sizes. The small mix features pieces that are roughly between 6 and 11 millimetres in length, while the large mix includes pieces that are sized between 11 and 20 millimetres long.

To find an authorised dealer of our memorial products located near you in Ireland or for information about ordering Green Recycled Glass Chippings, please contact us by phone, email or online chat.

We also offer blue glass chippings and cobalt glass chippings.


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