Ink Blue Glass Beads

Our Ink blue Glass Beads have a beautiful dark blue cobalt colour and provide a beautiful rich blue colour but also allow light to penetrate through to provide a beautiful effect. We can also provide a light blue colour if required, we refer to this as an Everton Blue colour.
Ink Blue Glass Beads come is 17-19mm in size and are generally shiny in nature. We can provide smaller bag sizes if required.

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Our Ink Blue colour provides a stunning deep colour, which compliments a clear glass colour or even a pink glass pebble.
Ink Blue glass beads make stunning centrepieces for weddings, the Ink Blue glass beads are used in conjunction with other colours and have proven extremely popular for wedding table displays.
Ink Blue Glass Beads have also been used for use in gas fireplaces, as a decorative element, this adds a nice colour to offset the empty look of a gas fired fire.
Ink Blue glass beads can be also used in Garden spaces, they add a vibrant colour to any planted area or can be incorporated into small water features, pots or planters. Often used for flower arranging and are commonly used in large vases, where a number of colours can be incorporated to give an effect of different colours, Ink Blue Glass Beads give a very rich blue colour and are the perfect addition to any flower display.

Common other uses over the last number of years have been a part of mosaic or terrazzo applications, this gives a beautiful colour effect to any flooring project.
This product has been used on a large project to provide a sea colour in a swimming pool, the glass beads are embedded into the wet concrete and once set they provide a stunning background colour for the swimming pool or concrete application.They have also been used by some large aquarium owners and give a beautiful deep sea type effect.

The Ink blue glass pebbles with a combination of other colours will add a tasteful elegance to your creation, we are more than happy to accommodate a mixture of colours and this can be done through our flexible online ordering system.

We also offer clear glass beads.

Weight 25 kg
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