Lilac Recycled Glass Chippings

Our Lilac Recycled Glass Chippings are a deep purple heather colour. They are presented in irregular, angular shapes with two sizes available, medium which ranges from 6-11mm and large which ranges from 11-20mm.


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When used to decorate a grave these exquisite glass chippings provide a natural texture that looks similar to a pebble aggregate but with a fabulous colour that mother nature could never aspire to. Feminine and beautiful, the glass chippings are especially popular for creating touching tributes to Mothers, wives, sisters and daughters graves.

Lilac Recycled Glass Chippings are as sustainable as they are pleasing to the eye, as the production of them helps to keep glass bottles and jars out of landfills. To produce the chippings, post-consumer recycled glass is melted down into a liquid form at extremely hot temperatures. A dye is then added to the liquid glass to create the lavender colour.

Once the dye is added, the glass is allowed to cool in sheets, solidifying and hardening for an extended period of time. When the glass has set completely, it is crushed into chippings. The individual pieces are finally polished to enhance the lustre of the glass and eliminate sharp edges that could pose a safety risk.

We produce Lilac Recycled Glass Chippings in two different sizes. The individual pieces will vary in terms of their shape, but all of the glass fragments are angular for a rustic, unfinished look much like natural rock chippings. The small assortment features glass chippings that are roughly 6 to 11 millimetres in size, while the larger chipping are 11- 20 millimetres in size.


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