Crushed Pink Glass Chippings

We are delighted to add Crushed Pink Glass Chippings to our range of chippings.  We have finally sourced a baby pink chipping to meet specific customer demand.  This chipping is angular and irregular in shape and is only available in one size, 16- 20mm size.

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Crushed Pink Glass chippings are produced from 100% recycled glass.  Glass is collected, melted and a dye is added to achieve the baby pink colour.  This dye is colourfast and will not fade or lighten in colour with time.

The crushed pink chippings have been used for a wide variety of applications.

Grave dressing. The crushed pink chippings have been used to decorate grave sites.   It can add a feminine touch to a grave to help commemorate a loved one. Some customers have used a blanket covering of the crushed pink whilst others have mixed the crushed pink with another similar sized white pebble, for example Portuguese quartz. An average size grave will usually require 5-6 25kg bags.

Pink glass chippings can also be used for concrete flooring and terrazzo applications, where an extravagant splash of colour is required.

We are more than happy to provide a sample of 4-5 pieces to ensure the colour is as per your requirement.


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