Pink Quartz Chippings

Unlike any other white crystals, our Pink Quartz Chippings have a tinge of pink running through them. They come in a single size, 11-20mm, and are irregular in shape and size.

As opposed to marble, these stones have no pores, making them ideal for memorial gardens.

Price Starts at 5.00

Customers often mixed them with white quartz chippings. The white quartz chippings are perfectly offset against the backdrop of the pink quartz chipping.

They tend to keep their colour better when used for external planting features.

The pink quartz is chipping is available in one size only, 11-20mm.  We stock larger sized rocks that are often sold as individual pieces.

Weight 25 kg
Available Weights

Sample, 25kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg

Available Sizes



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