Recycled Red Glass Chippings

Our Red Glass Chippings are shades of red, ranging from light to deep red in parts.  They are irregular and angular in shape and only available in one size only, 20mm.

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The Red Recycled Glass Chippings make a dramatic statement when used in any project and are certain to catch the eye no matter how you choose to employ them. The chippings are sometimes used to decorate graves and they can make a stunning filler for flower arrangements, candle crafts, centre pieces and other decorations.

The Red Recycled Glass Chippings are approx. 20 millimeters in length.  The glass chippings have an angular look with defined edges and pointed corners, yet they are safe to handle and free of any sharp edges. No two pieces are exactly identical in shape and size.

Our Red Recycled Glass Chippings are as sustainable as they are stylish. They are produced from recycled glass.  The post-consumer recycled glass is collected and melted at an extremely high temperature to a molten. Then, a permanent dye is added to create the vivid red hue that defines this glass product. We allow the glass to cool until it solidifies in thick sheets and we then crush it into pieces. Finally, the glass is polished and worked to perfect each and every fragment, before being bagged.

The dye used to produce the gorgeous red colour is a specialty product and as such the cost of manufacturing these chippings is greater than other chippings from our collection. As a result, the Red Recycled Glass is a more expensive choice. You can purchase the glass chips through our network of authourised retailers in Ireland. For assistance finding a distributor in your local area, please contact us via phone or email with your location.


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