Red Glass Beads

From arts and crafts to jewellery making, the ways that you can use our Red Glass Beads for projects is seemingly endless. Carefully crafted to maximise the beauty of the materials, these beads arrive polished to perfection ready to add to your flower arrangements, candle crafts, aquariums, centrepieces and other decorations. Dark red in colour these beads can be iridescent or non-iridescent in nature.

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Red Glass Beads are produced using a special manufacturing process that gives them unmatched visual appeal. To create the perfect red hue, we use a special permanent dye that gives a depth of colour similar to that of a ruby. The colour is a permanent part of the glass, making it possible for the beads to be submerged in water without losing their hue. The unique dye that must be utilised to produce this striking colour is more costly than the ones used for making our other glass beads, and the difference in price is reflective of that.

We offer Red Glass Beads in two different varieties. For a pure red colour with a lustrous shine, our non-iridescent beads are the ideal choice. If you want something more reflective, choose our iridescent beads. The glass for these beads reflects the light in a rainbow of colours. Both can look attractive in projects and sell for the same price.

Red Glass Beads can be used alone to make beautiful decorations, but they are frequently used in groups with other shades of glass beads. One of the most popular combinations is the red with the Clear Glass Beads. We also often sell Red and Yellow Glass Beads together for various projects. You can shop our entire Arts and Crafts collection to discover other appealing colour combinations.

When you purchase Red Glass Beads, you will receive one bag for each unit that you add to your cart. One bag contains 25 kilograms of the beads, which are identical in shape and size. The beads are domed on top and flat on the bottom for easy arranging and stacking.

Weight 25 kg
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Sample, 15kg, 25kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg


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