Turquoise Glass Beads

Looking for something colourful and luminous to add to your decorating project or arts and crafts masterpiece? With a colour that brings to mind the clear blue sky and the deep blue sea, our Turquoise Glass Beads are a stunning choice. The beads lend themselves to many applications and never fail to bring beauty to projects with their fabulous features.
They are 17-19mm in size and have a nice disc type finish with a rounded top.

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Turquoise Glass Beads are made from real glass materials but are durable and weighty due to their construction. Tinted with a permanent dye that will never wash off or fade, the beads are an aqua tone that is a lovely balance of blue and green. When placed beside our Green Glass Beads, their colour tends to skew more toward green, and the Cobalt Glass Beads bring out their bluer hues. Both colour combinations are very popular with our customers. We often sell the beads along with the Clear Glass Beads, Aqua Glass Beads and White Opal Glass Beads as well.

Whether you use them alone or in combination with another colour, you’ll be struck by the shine of these Turquoise Glass Beads. Each bead is polished until it reflects the light, allowing the material to produce dazzling effects when placed near candlelight, LED lights or the lights from aquariums. The glass has an iridescent finish that gives a rainbow shimmer effect when viewed from certain angles, and the glass is semi-transparent, making it possible to see through the other side and view objects with a softened distortion.

Turquoise Glass Beads all have a round shape and a perfectly smooth glass finish, but they vary in size from 17 to 19 millimetres in diameter. Flat bottoms allow the beads to be easily stacked, arranged and fixed with adhesives and prevent rolling and shifting. This is particularly beneficial when making arts and crafts, flower arrangements, candle crafts and other projects. You can buy the beads by the 25-kilogram bag online or contact us to arrange an order of a different quantity.

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