Yellow Glass Beads

Bright and cheerful like summer sunshine, the shade of our Yellow Glass Beads always gets noticed and brings a happy splash of colour and a gorgeous shine to all types of projects. These glass beads are often used in jewellery making and for creating stained glass. We also frequently sell them to florists who integrate them into floral arrangements and centrepieces and to interior designers and interior decorators who use them to bring pops of colour to residential and commercial decor.

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The colour of straw, our Yellow Glass Beads are richly pigmented and partially transparent, so you see through to objects on the other side. We carefully polish the glass beads until the surface shines for a mirror-like effect that is enhanced by candlelight or electric lighting. Compared to our other glass beads, the yellow variety is more expensive. This is due to the fact that the dye used to produce the colour comes at a higher cost.

Yellow Glass Beads are all the same perfectly round shape, but the beads in the assortment that you will receive will vary from 17 to 19 millimetres in length. Rounded on top, the beads have flat bottoms that keep them from rolling and make them easy to glue.

If you are in need of something larger and more three-dimensional for your project, you can check out our Yellow Glass Sphere. Sold individually, this large yellow glass orb is a similar hue but is a perfect sphere that measures 100 millimetres in diameter.

At Midland Stone, we sell Yellow Glass Beads by the 25-kilogram bag typically. If you need help deciding how many bags to purchase for your project, you can use our Online Calculator or contact us for assistance. We can also sell the beads in smaller quantities upon request. Please email or phone us and let us know how many or how much of the beads you need for your project.

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