Yellow Recycled Glass Chippings

Bring beautiful sunshine to a project whilst making it greener at the same time with our Yellow Recycled Glass Chippings.

The Yellow Recycled Glass Chippings are green in the sense that they are made from 100% recycled glass. Instead of ending up in landfills, this unwanted glass waste is re-purposed thus a beautiful chipping is created.

Our Yellow Recycled Glass is presented in irregular, angular shapes.  It is available in one size only, 30mm


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Yellow Recycled Glass Chippings are ‘green’ in the sense that they are made from environmentally friendly materials. Producing this glass product helps to keep the glass from ending up in landfills, as it is made entirely from post-consumer recycled jars and bottles. This unwanted glass waste is heated to a very high temperature.

We add the necessary pigments to the molten to make Yellow Recycled Glass Chippings precisely the right shade. The colourant needed to produce this lemon yellow glass is more expensive than other colourants hence the higher price point.

After the permanent colour is added to the glass, the liquid is allowed to cool and set. The solid glass is then crushed.  Finally, the pieces are buffed to eliminate sharp edges and our Yellow Recycled Glass Chippings are ready for purchase.

Our Yellow Recycled Glass are used to add interest to mosaics, terrazzo floors, floral arrangements, centre pieces and arts and crafts projects. This material is also frequently used to bring beauty to memorial gardens and other memorial tributes in cemeteries.



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