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Landscaping Design Unit comes in 4 piece pack – contains 4 linear metres.

The Deco Unit is a simple yet revolutionary landscape edging. It allows you to easily design and define the borders of your landscape. These flexible and easily adjustable dividers are ideal for garden arrangements, walkways, tree rings, and even interior design.


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Landscaping Design Unit comes in 4 piece pack – contains 4 linear metres.

There is a wide variety of gorgeous decorative stones, pebbles, and chippings available, but it’s the shape of the mosaic you create that really breathes life into them.

Whether you want to create a curved and complex gravel mosaic, a colourful wavy walkway, or a rectangular pebble oasis in the middle of your garden, these adjustable plastic dividers will help you get the job done in no time. Thanks to the unique Deco Unit edging system, you can let your imagination run wild.

Deco Units are a simple and more affordable alternative to metal edging and concrete curbing. You can create any shape you want without the mess and hassle of digging.

The installation of Deco Units is pretty straightforward, with no professional help required. Each kit includes 4 dividers (4 linear meters in total) and 8 plastic pegs. Aside from a mallet and a pair of snips, this is all you need to create a clean but sturdy barrier.

Before you align the edging to your desired area, simply clear it of turf and debris. To create curved edges, cut the back of the edging where you see fit. If you want to create more aggressive curves, cut the back in several spots.

After you place the edging in the desired area and join the pieces together, secure them with the plastic pegs.

Deco Units are strong enough to retain a variety of landscaping and bedding materials, including garden pebbles, stones, chippings, pine needles, plastic, mulch, wood and more.

Weight 5 kg


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