English Red Chippings

What better way could there be to add interest to landscaping than with a burst of bright red’ The English Red Chippings bring you that vibrant colour in the design of a natural rock that can be used for a wide variety of applications. One of our boldest garden aggregate options, with a nice blood red coloured chipping, which comes in an angular shape which is useful for use in driveways etc. This chipping comes in a 10mm and 20mm size.


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English Red Chippings features stone fragments in a variety of earthy red tones. Pieces vary from blood red to lighter shades that are almost salmon pink. Hints of brown, ivory and cream are mixed in with the red due to the natural variations in the marking of the stone. Each unit purchased is carefully assorted to give you a nice variety of hues.

In the assortment of English Red Chippings that you purchase, you’ll find a mix of shapes, but each fragment is angular for a naturalistic look. We offer this mixture in two sizes: a small 10 millimetre and a large 20 millimetre. With either option, the pieces in the aggregate will still vary in their size; however, the average size overall is approximately the size of the mix.

English Red Chippings are especially popular for use as a paving material. It can be used for driveways, front and back walkways and garden pathways with or without a mortar. You can also add it to landscaping to use in place of conventional mulch. The stone will add a nice contrast to the look of green shrubberies, plants and ornamental trees while helping to keep their roots well insulated. This aggregate mixture also helps to keep moisture retained in the soil to benefit landscaping during dry weather.

Our English Red Chippings are sold by the tonne sack. You can use our online calculator to determine how much is needed for your project. Use the drop-down box to select the size you desire and then use the plus arrow to indicate how many sacks you require.

Weight 1000 kg
Available Sizes

10mm, 20m,m

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Tonne Sack


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