Gravel Mats

Gravel Mats which come in 1 Metre x 1.2 Metre Lengths.

Our gravel mats allow you to stabilise the gravel on your driveway or walkway and prevent gravel migration. They offer the benefits of pavement, but without the runoff issues and upkeep hassles that come with cement surfaces.


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Gravel Mats which come in 1 Metre x 1.2 Metre Lengths x 3cm high.

Each hexagon within the mat is 55mm Long from one internal point to its opposite point.

Gravel mats for driveways and paths are an innovative and inexpensive solution to problems associated with loose gravel and stone chippings, such as rut formation, sinkage, and migration.

They are durable, low-maintenance, water-permeable, and freeze-thaw resistant. The design of the honeycomb cells ensures that the gravel stays in place over time. To prevent weed growth from the underside, each gravel grid comes with an anti-root geotextile fabric. The gravel mats are black in colour and the membrane is white.

It’s a common misconception that a gravel driveway can only be stabilized with thick, heavy, and ugly grids. These gravel mats are made from recycled plastic and yet they can withstand heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic without any problem.

Whether you want to be able to park a lorry on your gravel driveway or you just want to make sure your garden furniture won’t sink through your decorative landscape, these gravel mats are an ideal solution.

You can lay these mats over existing gravel driveways, walkways, parking areas, gardens, or you can use them to create new porous surfaces.
Each 1×1.2-metre gravel grid is designed for quick and simple DIY installation. You just need to level the foundation beforehand.

Our gravel grids are very durable and can withstand heavy traffic. They are also resistant to weathering and decay, making them a good choice for gravel driveways that experience lots of rain or snow. These mats are lightweight and easy to install.

The gravel grids connect easily, and you can cut them to size. You can fill the gravel grids with gravel sized between 5mm and 25mm in diameter, or chippings sized between 5mm and 20mm in diameter.

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