Green Slate Garden Chippings

Go green in the garden or backyard with our Green Slate Garden Chippings Mix. Suitable for a wide array of applications such as landscaping your own backyard or looking for a material for a residential or commercial paving or landscaping product, this slate aggregate is an exquisite choice. Green Slate Garden Chippings are 30-50mm size, it is extremely durable slate. There is a small amount of Plum Slate mixed through the slate.


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Green Slate Garden Chippings Mix is made from genuine slate rock that is carefully chipped and cut into angular pieces. You won’t find two identical rocks in this aggregate mix, giving you beautifully varied results for any project. The majority of the stone fragments in the aggregate blend is a mossy, sage green colour with some lighter mintier pieces visible in the blend. Many of the rocks feature grey, ivory and white grain patterns, and for added pops of colour, bits of burgundy-toned plum slate have been added.

While the sizes of the slate fragments in Green Slate Garden Chipping Mix vary greatly, the majority of the rocks are between 30 millimetres and 50 millimetres in size. This makes this aggregate coarser than some of the others in our collection. Its large size makes it an excellent choice for paving applications. You can use it to create lovely garden pathways with or without mortar. Many professionals choose this aggregate for lining driveways and walkways as well.

In addition to being very pleasing to the eye, Green Slate Garden Chipping Mix is incredibly rugged. The aggregate is one of the most durable options in our collection, enhancing its benefits for use for footpaths even more, as it will not wear down quickly due to foot traffic. You can also use the aggregate in flower beds and planters to provide insulation and aid in drainage like mulch.

Green Slate Garden Chipping Mix is sold by the tonne sack. Place your order now and enjoy convenient shipping to locations throughout Ireland.

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